Purpose and activities: the foundation strives to exemplify the principles of its founder in addressing, basic human needs by looking forward to the elimination of ignorance hopelessness and suffering, protecting the environment, providing cultural enrichment encouraging excellence and promoting understanding and cooperation among people.

It exists to assist people and institutions of Georgetown improve the quality and circumstances of life for them selves and future generations. Fields of interest

Media/ Communications; visual arts, architecture, Museums, Humanities, History/archaeology, Historic preservation/historical societies; Arts; Education public education Maat, Early childhood education. Child development, Education; Medical school/Education for Adults/continuing education: Adult education literacy, basic skills & GED; Libraries / library science: Education Reading: Education Environment, Natural Resources: Environment Animals/ Wild life preservation/ protection, Dental care: Medical care, Rehabilitation Nursing care: Health care; Substance abuse; Services Mental Health /Crisis Services Aids, Alcoholism; Aids/ Research: Crime / Violence prevention, Abuse prevention: Crime/ violence prevention Child Abuse; Crime/ Law enforcement: Employment. Agriculture; Nutrition: Housing/ Shelter development; Housing/ Shelter for Homeless: Home Health Care; Safety disaster; Recreation, youth development, Services: Human Services;

Children/ youth services, Family Services Residential /Custodial care, hospices: Aging center/ Services; Homeless, human Services: Civil Rights Race/ Intergroup Relations; Urban/ Community development; Rural development: Community/ Economic development: Voluntarism promotion Government/ public administration: Transportation; Leadership development; Public affairs; Aging: Economically disadvantaged Homeless

Type of support

General/ operating support;

Continuing support; Income development:

Management development/ Capacity

Building Capital campaigns; Building/ Renovation; Equipment: Land.

Acquisition; Depth Reduction; Emergency funds; Program development;

Film/ Video/ Radio: TV Publication;

Seed Money: Curriculum development;

Research; Technical assistance;

Consulting services; Program Evaluation:

Program-Related investment/ Loans:

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